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7 Ways to Boost Your Income Using

I work with a ton of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners and the number one 'enemy' of each one is OBSCURITY.

You can have the greatest product or service in the world but if no one knows about it you are doomed.

Obscurity is Enemy #1

So, the focus should be on getting in front of the people who need what you have in the most efficient manner possible.

And, to provide them so much value that they can't help but want to do business with you.

LimeLeads can help with that!

Here are seven ways you can use LimeLeads to rise out of Obscurity and boost your income.

Number 1: Get people to your blog post! Let's say as an example that you sell a service to Accountants. You have methodically written some great blog posts, polished them and then published them only to hear... crickets.

Obscurity. No views, no comments, no social shares. Bummer!

But... let's say you went to Database and bought all of the "Accountants-Certified Public" names in the United States of America.

Then, you sent them a nice email like this:


I just wrote a short blog post on "How Accountants Can XYZ To Get ABC."

You can view it here: (link to blog post)

I'm sure you'll find it interesting. And, if you have any questions just leave them in the comment section. I love interacting with my readers.

Awesome Customer"

Number 2: Boost Your Social Media Presence Fast. I used this method to add about 2,000 followers on Twitter in one month.

I found my prospect lists and bought the email lists. Then I sent them a short email explaining that I like hearing about things they find valuable and the best way to hear that without actually knowing each other is via Twitter. I mentioned that if they followed me on Twitter I'd immediately follow back.

Then, as people followed me I had my assistant look them up on LinkedIn to see if I wanted to invite them there as well.

Simple and worked like a charm!

Similarly, if you're using LinkedIn Groups this can build a solid group fast.

By the way, you can also build your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Blog subscribers by using a nifty little tool called WiseStamp. It creates an awesome looking Signature for your email address which is automagically inserted for you.

Plus, if you have multiple email addresses for different endeavors (as I do), it will insert the appropriate one for you.

Mine is below:

Number 3: Invite them to a teleconference or a webinar. This is a great one because people love webinars versus reading lots of information (usually). If you've never done a Webinar before, it's actually quite simple.

If you already have presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote you can just use that along with your normal script.

Just make sure it is packed with quality information and is not a straight pitch.

Then, follow-up via email with the attendees to lead them further along in your sales funnel.

Two great choices for Webinars are and

Number 4: Ask for help getting a referral or introduction.

People love helping others. In fact, when all else fails in a standard marketing campaign I fall back to asking for help.

For example, if I wanted to speak at a convention but had trouble getting the attention of the organizer I might email others asking for help.

If you take the 'Accountants' example again I could write a simple email saying, "Hey, I have a presentation I know could help many accountants to achieve "XYZ Benefits Accountants Want" (slides attached) but I'm having trouble tracking down Bob Smith. Do you happen to know him? If so, can you help me with an introduction?"

Does this seem like a longshot to you? If it does I can understand that, however, there's the 'Six Degrees of Separation Principle' which states that you are no more than six connections away from any one. If you are working in a specific niche the number is probably much lower.

By leveraging the 'help' factor and the Six Degrees factor you can defeat Obscurity and boost your income.

Number 5: Become an Advocate for your Target Niche's Causes.

This is based on the work of Thomas Stanley who wrote two great books on marketing, "Selling to the Affluent" and "Marketing to the Affluent." They are highly recommended even if you are NOT marketing to the Affluent.

Here's the tactic... You find something that your Target Niche cares about, some Cause or Initiative.

Let's say for example that a law was in front of Congress that would require Accountants to divulge client information without a Warrant and you happen to know that most Accountants feel negatively about this.

You'd write a letter to your Congressman discussing why you think it is a bad idea.

Then, you send an email or letter (remember, LimeLeads come with postal mail addresses, too) letting your Target Niche know that you've lobbied on their behalf.

Here's a sample email:


I wrote a letter to my congressman re: the bill in Congress which would require Accountants to divulge their confidential client information.

I've attached it to this email. I just wanted to let you know that I'm rooting for you guys.

If you need anything please let me know.


Awesome Customer

Simple and Powerful.

I once ran a campaign for a company targeting Churches based on this principle that generated as many orders as our best advertising campaign.

Number 6: Create a 'Go To Resource' for Your Niche.

This one is a little bit more involved but if you can do it then you'll become a 'Go To Authority' for years to come.

First, you'll need to create a Calendar on your website.

Then, you'll need to find all of the conferences and events that your niche would be interested in and add them all to the calendar.

Once that is done send an email to your prospects letting them know about the Calendar and inviting them to add other conferences or events they know about.

I'd include an email optin for to be notified of when new events are added.

I'd do this one BEFORE one of your competitors does!

Number 7: Use it for Product Research.

While this could be an entire series of posts on it's own, I'll give you the short example here.

If I were developing a new software program, writing a book or developing a course for a certain group I'd want to make sure I got lots of quality feedback BEFORE I spent a ton of time building the wrong thing.

Let's say I wanted to create a time billing app for Attorneys, it'd make a lot of sense to approach them with the idea and see what they thought of it before I sunk thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on something they couldn't use.

Which One Will You Use?

Those are just 7 of the many ways can help you boost your income.

Which one will you get started on? Let us know in the comments!


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